Cameo Night Club shooting suspect dies

Posted at 10:50 PM, Apr 03, 2017

CINCINNATI -- One of two men charged with murder in connection to last week's mass shooting at Cameo Night Club has died.

Deondre Davis, 29, was taken off life support at 1:08 a.m. Tuesday, his attorney said.

Davis was struck by bullets during the shooting on March 26 and rushed to University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he remained in a non-responsive state until Tuesday morning.

His father, Jackie Davis, said on March 30 that he hoped scheduled surgeries would improve his son's condition, but by Monday more than 60 family members were crowded into the ICU to see him for the last time.

"He's on complete life-support machines," defense attorney Carl Lewis told WCPO before Davis' death. "The family is praying and believing that whatever is God's will, will be. At this point it is our belief...that he will not make it through the night."

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Davis' death has brought the number of fatalities from the incident up to two. O'Bryan Spikes, who died at the scene, was the man Davis was accused of killing. Davis' mother said the pair were close friends.

Both Lewis and Davis' father said they believed Davis was innocent of Spikes' murder. Even though Davis has not survived, Lewis said, they will continue to plead their case in court.

"They want me to continue to fight to clear his name," Lewis said. "He has children that he'll leave behind. If he does not make it, the legacy for them is that, while no one is perfect, he did not commit this offense."

The other suspect in the shooting, 27-year-old Cornell Beckley, was arraigned in court Friday. Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac said he expected further arrests to be made as the investigation progressed.

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