Fit and Fun: We tried a bounce class at Define Oakley and it was SO fun

Posted at 10:00 AM, Oct 10, 2017
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Welcome to Fit and Fun!

WCPO editors Max Alter and Meghan Wesley love to work out. But, like anyone else, they get bored with the traditional gym workout. So they decided to start #fitandfun, an Instagram series where they will try different workouts throughout the area and take you along for the ride. They'll tell you the basics and give each workout a fun rating out of 10 every two weeks on Instagram. Follow along at @9OnYourSide. 

This week: Bounce at Define Oakley 

Define Oakley offers five different types of classes: barre, cycling, trampoline, yoga and muscle rolling. We decided to try the bounce class, because who doesn't want to jump on a trampoline for 45 minutes and call it exercise? 

Max, Tallie and Meghan, post workout


Define Oakley is located in Oakley Square and offers you the ability to pay for a single class or become a member. One class is $20 -- or right now there's a special: three classes for $40. Member packages start at $150 per month. Check out their site for more info on pricing.

Was it fun? 

Absolutely! Max said afterward that he actually enjoyed the class, as mad as he was at Meghan for forcing him to work out at 6 a.m. on a Friday. Read our Instagram post below to find out the fun rating we gave to the bounce class. 

Give us ideas! 

Know of any cool, interesting, different, FUN workouts we should try? Email You can also post your own photos and video of a fun workout on Instagram, then use the hashtag #fitandfun and be sure to tag @9OnYourSide. We might regram you! 


WCPO’s Meghan Wesley and Maxim Alter are starting a new Instagram series, #FitandFun, where they will try out the many fun, different, interesting, even weird ways to work out in the Tr-State. If you’re sick of just going to a traditional gym and are looking for a workout that will mix things up, they are here to help. Every two weeks they will try out something new and take you along for the ride. This week, they tried a Bounce class at Define Oakley. What: Bounce is a 45-minute class that uses a mini trampoline, light weights and resistance bands to give a mix of strength and cardio training. Basically, you get to bounce around on a trampoline for 45 minutes and call it exercise! More details: Where: Define Oakley is located at 3012 Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45209. Phone: Time: Owners and moms Tallie Neltner and Mikel Quast offer classes that work around a busy schedule (and a day care room if you need it!). Max and Meghan tried the 6 a.m. bounce class on Friday. Check out the full class schedule on Define's website. Price: Define offers passes that allow you to purchase one class at a time without becoming a member. You can purchase one class for $20 (There’s a special right now: Three classes for $40), five for $95, 10 for $180, 20 for $350 or 30 for $480. There are also several memberships you can purchase that start at $150 a month. Difficulty: Max and Meghan both do strength training regularly, but aren’t very good about doing cardio consistently. So they were nervous about being able to keep up. But Tallie, who is also a bounce instructor, did a fantastic job of mixing things up and motivating everyone, and the class passed very quickly. It was a great mix of cardio and strength training, and worked out everything from shoulders to core to legs. Was it fun?! It was really fun. Max and Meghan rated it a 9/10 on the fun scale. Know of any workouts we should try? Email Meghan at Or use the hashtag #fitandfun and tag @9onyourside if you try one! #workouts #funworkouts #defineoakley #bounce #trampolineworkout #trampoline #workingout

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