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Cincinnati Police give out pink slips to help stop auto break-ins

The slips are given to both cars that pass and fail
Pink slips from CPD
Posted at 10:43 PM, Mar 23, 2022

CINCINNATI — Pink slips are popping up on cars around Cincinnati. They’re from police, but they're not tickets. Instead, they’re reminders that could help prevent break-ins.

It’s basically a safety check from police, you can either pass or fail. It all depends on if you have any valuables in sight that could attract thieves. However, some people believe this could cause more harm than good.

A Reddit user who did not want to be identified shared his concerns after receiving one this week. He said he worries that this could make your vehicle even more enticing to thieves. Cincinnati Police do not agree.

“We aren’t bringing attention to certain cars in the area,” a CPD spokesperson said.

CPD explained the slips are given to both cars that pass and fail.

The Reddit user said his concern is if there isn’t an officer to monitor cars after the pink slips are left, a thief could walk up and see what’s in there. CPD said it would be obvious if a thief was looking at the slips on each car but advised that if this happens, call 911.

Most people WCPO spoke to sided with police.

“I would rather the cops tell me ‘hey, look, there's something in your car that's worth stealing. Please remove it’,” Megan Belinsky said. “ That way you don't have to suffer the pain of losing something valuable.”

Belinsky said the slips are reminders that could save her a lot of money.

"I think that's a good idea because some people are in such a hurry. They forget and leave their stuff in plain sight,” Denise Cannon said. “They wonder ‘why did they take my stuff? It’s because you left it in plain sight.”

This isn’t the first time Cincinnati Police have done something like this. Back in 2010, the department launched a similar program. Police said it reduced thefts from cars in neighborhoods like Hyde Park, Mount Lookout and Oakley.