Seven Mile residents forced to clean out after basement floods

One resident had standing water up to
Posted at 6:07 PM, May 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-25 18:07:48-04

HAMILTON, Ohio -- It didn't just rain Wednesday in Butler County. It poured, leaving several residents with flooded basements.

Many residents in Seven Mile were forced to clean out their homes after a major storm Wednesday night.

It has been some time since Seven Mile had seen such flooding, according to Mayor Vivian Gorsuch. Since it was trash night, Gorsuch said, the storm swept left-out garbage cans along in the floodwaters.

"We needed a no-wake zone on south Main street. It was really bad," Gorsuch said.

A number of Hamilton streets were flooded by Wednesday evening's storms, said city Public Works Director Rich Engle, whose staff was still busy dealing with situations this afternoon, according to an article in the Journal News.

One of the flood victims included Ron Crysel, whose family room had water standing at least six feet.

"The water was so forceful against the doors and everything, I had to raise the window to come out it," Crysel said.

According to Mayor Gorsuch, flood mitigation is an issue that has been examined and will be discussed further after last night's storm.