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'Election integrity is the most important thing': Officials count votes after machine breaks in Boone County

boone county voting machine
Posted at 12:12 AM, May 18, 2022

UNION, Ky. — Election Day did not go as planned at one Northern Kentucky polling location.

The voting machines in Kentucky are brand new this year. At the Boone County Public Library's Scheben branch, one machine malfunctioned. Voters were able to use paper ballots until a new machine was installed.

Boone County Clerk Justin Crigler said they were very intentional about how things were handled.

"Transparency, election integrity is the most important thing for any election," Crigler said. "We need the citizens of being coming to the elections are fair, honest and secure. So we took numerous steps, there'll be no questions whatsoever.”

After the polls closed, extra measures were taken to make sure those paper ballots were counted correctly.

The paper ballots were put in the drop-off box, which is under constant surveillance.

When it came time to count the ballots, two sheriff's deputies with body cameras, two deputy county clerks, poll workers with both the Democratic and Republican parties and WCPO cameras were there to witness the handling of the paper ballots.

"We unlocked the called strongbox if you will, they manually fill counted those up, and then made sure that tally number match the ones on the machine,” Crigler said. “Then inserted those, with everybody observing, all on camera, into the actual new voting machine."

All these extra steps were put in place to make it abundantly clear the election was fair.

“Boone county citizens are well protected, their vote is secure, or the integrity is completely held," Crigler said. "And it's always on camera. So we are completely good."

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