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Boone County sheriff's deputy 'bombarded with positivity' after being hit by stolen SUV

Chris Hall Boone County Lt
Posted at 9:52 PM, Oct 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-26 21:52:22-04

BURLINGTON, Ky. — Lt. Chris Hall knows he is lucky. More than one week after the Boone County sheriff's deputy was hit by a stolen SUV, his scars are mostly hidden by his uniform.

"I know I'm battered and bruised and banged up really bad, but I know it should be worse — if not more severely injured, if not dead," Hall said. "I think there's no question I had some guardian angels and the Lord looking after me that night."

Four teenagers are accused of using a garage door opener Oct. 15 to open a family's garage and steal their unlocked SUV. Deputies found the SUV, trying to stop it on US 42. Body camera footage shows the moment Hall was hit while placing stop sticks on the road. As help arrived, Hall asked for his phone and called his wife.

"I wanted her to hear my voice," Hall said. "I didn't want, you see in movies or on TV, you see where the sheriff or the police chief or command staff is knocking on the door at 3 a.m. That's immediately going through my head, and I couldn't have that...I couldn't have that."

Bodycam footage Boone County

The father of three was able to go home without a cast, and the teens in the stolen car were taken into custody soon after. Hall knew no one would blame him if he walked away from the job he has had for nearly 20 years, but he also knew the crash only solidified the importance of his career.

"This has helped reaffirm that what I do and the dangers you put yourself into, it's worth every minute," Hall said. "And this is an opportunity to make the public aware of how truly dangerous our job is."

Though the moment replays in his head, Hall said he has not seen the video. Instead, he focuses on the love he has received from his coworkers and community.

"It's hard to replay it in my head, because I'm getting bombarded with positivity," Hall said. "The ultimate message, as cliche as it is, is the good guys will win. The good guys will win."

And his message to the teens behind the wheel?

"There are consequences for your actions," said Hall.

The four juveniles are facing attempted murder charges, and the sheriff's office said it does not use stop sticks anymore.