Woman charged with vehicular homicide, manslaughter following pedestrian's death Downtown

CINCINNATI -- A woman has been charged with vehicular homicide and vehicular manslaughter after a chain reaction crash at a Downtown parking garage killed another woman on March 3.

Sharon Felton, 71, is in court Monday afternoon facing criminal charges after police say she killed 73-year-old Barbara Vandenbroeck.

Felton was attempting to turn from the third lane of Eighth Street onto Sycamore Street when another driver in the second left-turn lane failed to turn and they crashed, police said.

Felton’s car accelerated, striking a construction fence and driving across the lanes of travel into a parking lot, where it struck the lot attendant's shack and then hit Vandenbroeck, according to court documents.

Felton “continued in a circle (and) ran over Ms. Vandenbroeck a second time. Ms. Feldon then struck a parked car, never letting off the accelerator,” the court document said.

Vandenbroeck was driven to University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where she died from her injuries. 


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