Video shows police chase through several Tri-State communities

Police pursuit Fairfax Police Department
Posted at 12:13 AM, Nov 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-30 12:56:30-05

CINCINNATI — One man is in custody after police said he led a chase through several Tri-State communities, ending with one officer injured.

Newly released footage shows Fairfax Police following a suspect they believe is driving a stolen truck out of Monroe County at around 4:30 a.m. Nov. 24. Police said 35-year-old James Chivers drove away from a traffic stop in Mariemont, evading officers.

Dash camera video captured Chivers driving on the wrong side of the road, leading officers through Fairfax, Mariemont and Indian Hill. He ultimately pulled into a parking lot on Eastern Avenue in Cincinnati.

After police blocked the only way out of the lot, Chivers put his car in reverse and ripped the front end of a Newtown Police cruiser. Another officer can be seen deploying a stun gun inches away from the truck before Chivers crashes into a second police car.

"It was an officer that needed assistance," Village of Newtown Police Chief Tom Synan said. "A police car had been rammed, it heightened the urgency as well as the danger in this one. We felt we should assist in this pursuit. It wasn't something that you expect, that you or your officer will take the brunt of it."

Synan said everyone was able to walk away, including the suspect in handcuffs. Chivers faces multiple charges, the most serious of which is felonious assault on a police officer involved in the pursuit.

"Not only one car was stolen, but another — along with a potential burglary, and previous assaults and fleeing on police officers," Synan said. "If there's any frustration, it's that it's so unnecessary."

Chivers is set to appear in front of a judge on Dec. 6.

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