Video shows driver intentionally run over Madie Hart, prosecutor says

Posted at 2:39 PM, Apr 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-10 17:42:22-04

WARNING: The video of the car hitting Madie Hart may be disturbing for some viewers. 

CINCINNATI – Street-camera video shows a car intentionally turn into 18-year-old Madie Hart, run her down and drag her to her death, according to Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.

Watch a brief clip here. Here's what you'll see, according to Deters:




At :06 seconds -  Briana Benson's car turns the corner from Seventh Street onto Walnut Street;

At :12 seconds - Hart walks off the curb into the street and pounds on the passenger door;

At :18 seconds - Hart walks back to the curb;

At :23 seconds - Hart walks back into the street and pounds on the front of the car;

At :27 seconds -  The car backs up, and Hart steps away from it;

At :29 seconds -  The car swerves and hits Hart, trapping her underneath it, and pulls away;

At :37 seconds - Someone runs to Hart lying in the street near the crosswalk as the car drives off.

Deters showed the video clip at a Monday news conference when he announced a two-count murder indictment against Benson, 20.

Two groups of girls – one with Hart, the other with Benson – had been fighting, shoving and punching, Deters said. The fatal encounter happened on Walnut Street in front of the Aronoff Center.

“Madie ran (into the street) and was pounding on the passenger-side door, then went back to the sidewalk and returned – the car didn’t move – and started pounding on the front of the car and walked back away from it,” Deters said.

“You see the car accelerate and turn directly into Madie, run her over and drag her for approximately 88 feet underneath the car."

Narrating the video, Deters said:

“See how the car turns to the right? That’s hitting Madie and she’s dragged right around this crosswalk area - all the way to there.”

The video – shot by a city surveillance camera a block away and up the street – doesn’t show the incident in close detail. Deters said two other videos in his possession – shot at close range and from behind Benson’s car – show more detail, but they are not public record and won’t be released until they are admitted into evidence.

“It looks worse when it's closer,” Deters said.

He said one of the videos is from the dash cam of an Uber driver who was “right behind it.”




Hart was struck March 26 and died several days later.

A warrant was out for Benson's arrest, Deters said.

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