Man charged in Cameo Night Club shooting now accused of bribing witnesses

Posted at 4:42 PM, Apr 23, 2018

CINCINNATI -- The only accused shooter in the Cameo Night Club shooting who survived is now accused of bribing witnesses and tampering with a red jacket that could be evidence in the case.

A Hamilton County grand jury indicted Cornell Beckley, 28, on five counts of bribery and one count each of obstructing justice and tampering with evidence. Court records state that Beckley paid cash to witnesses, destroyed or hid evidence and induced a witness to withhold testimony.

Prosecutors said Beckley and an accomplice, Justin Watson, tried to get witnesses to change their stories or leave town. In court Tuesday, they said authorities had both written and recorded evidence of the alleged bribery happening inside the Hamilton County Justice Center.

Beckley was already facing nearly 40 charges including murder, involuntary manslaughter and numerous counts of felonious assault for what authorities said was his role in the  shooting inside Cameo Night Club last year.

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A dispute escalated into multiple people firing shots inside the crowded club on March 26, 2017, according to police. Fifteen people were injured and two died, including one of the accused gunmen. Police said more than 20 shots were fired in the chaos.

Beckley's trial in the shooting is scheduled to begin next month. 

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