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You can buy a piece of King's Island's Racer roller coaster

Park is selling wood from the classic coaster after re-tracking
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Posted at 10:40 AM, Jul 15, 2022

MASON, OHIO — Are you a fan of Kings Island history? Love old roller coasters?

Then you might be interested in buying a piece of wood from the park's oldest currently operating roller coaster, The Racer.

The Racer is one of the few rides remaining from when the park first opened in 1972.

It was recently repainted in original colors and re-tracked by The Gravity Group for its 50th anniversary.

Wood pieces to be sold along with model kits

But what happened to all that old wood they removed in 2020 for the re-tracking?

Kings Island's digital marketing director Don Helbig wrote in his blog they decided to sell pieces of it, as part of a model kit, known as a NanoCoaster.

For $150, you will receive a model of The Racer (assembly required), along with a slice of wood from the ride, and tag certifying that the wood was actual support structure for the beloved ride.

Helbig, who holds the world record for the most rides on the Racer, said it has given more than 108 million rides since it opened 50 years ago.

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The Racer at Kings Island. (Provided by Kings Island)

That means there could be a lot of demand for this collector item, as there was for pieces of metal track from Vortex, which the park sold two years ago when that old coaster came down.

If the $150 price tag is a bit too steep, the park also sells just the NanoCoaster model of The Racer ( as well as The Beast and several other coasters) for $35 each.

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