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Sears customers wonder how to get warranty help

Woman finds no Sears auto centers within 2-hour drive
Posted at 6:20 PM, Jun 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-01 14:06:39-04

Do you have any appliances, tools, car batteries, or tires from Sears?

Check around: chances are that you, or your parents, probably do, especially if they ever bought Kenmore branded appliances.

Unfortunately, more and more former Sears customers are discovering this year that getting warranty help is getting tricky, with so many stores now closed.

Sears Auto Center long gone

Terri Shiplett is afraid to drive her car, because the tire tread is almost gone.

"The tread has worn off here," she said pointing to her front tires.

With a 30,000 mile treadwear warranty on the tires with just 19,000 miles on them, she headed to the Sears Auto Center where she bought them, at the Tri-County Mall in Cincinnati.

But the auto center was long closed, along with all the others nearby.

"There is no Sears within a 50 mile radius of Cincinnati, at least automotive," Shiplett said.

The nearest Auto Centers we found were north of Columbus, Ohio and in Huntington West Virginia, a two hour plus drive.

She called Sears customer service, but says she was just referred to a tire distributor. "I sent a dozen emails (to the tire distributor) and no one replied," Shiplett said.

Where to turn for help

But it's not just auto center customers with tire and battery issues having problems.

Anyone who has bought a lawnmower or appliance the past few years could potentially have a warranty issue, and wonder where to turn for help

"That's the thing," Shiplett said. "My battery is a Sears battery. There's people with Craftsman tools that are guaranteed"

Last month, we spoke with Gary Galloway, who also found no store within 50 miles to exchange a Craftsman wrench.

"You have to drive about an hour to get a tool replaced," he said.

So we checked with Sears, where a spokeswoman told us the company is still servicing all warranties, if you email or call Sears national customer service.

Their number is (800) 349-4358.

  • Tire warranties will be honored at authorized tire centers that sell the same brand.
  • Craftsman tools and mowers can be repaired or exchanged at Lowe's. A spokewoman told us Lowe’s honors all Craftsman lifetime warranty products and provides repair services for outdoor power equipment. For questions on the status of your Craftsman product warranty, call the customer care line at 888-331-4569.
  • Kenmore appliances can be serviced by any authorized Kenmore repair company.

Terri Shiplett, though, laments the loss of what had been America's store.

"It's depressing," she said.

Sears says it will try to help with Shiplett's tires, though if the store determines it was due to bad alignment, the premature wear may not be covered under warranty.

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