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Parents debate moving trick-or-treating to Saturday

Darkness, weather, and school lead to weekend push
Posted at 6:13 PM, Oct 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-29 19:19:26-04

The great trick-or-treat debate is on.

With cold and damp weather in the forecast for Thursday in Cincinnati, some communities are talking about moving Halloween trick-or-treating to Saturday, or even indoors.

But are parents and children OK with changing a tradition?

We found Samantha Grimes stocking up on Halloween candy at the Tylersville Road Kroger in West Chester. But with the forecast calling for another cold and windy Halloween, she wonders if trick-or-treating should be moved to the weekend.

"I think it would be better for the kids," Grimes said. "If it's not on a weekday, when the kids have school, it might be nicer for them to stay out late."

Petition drive urges change

More than 150,000 people nationwide have signed a petition to "Join the Saturday Celebration," and make the last Saturday in October National Trick-or-Treat Day every year.

Several other shoppers told us Saturday would be fine with them.

We found school to be the biggest issue, not weather, with several parents saying it's tough to get any learning done.

"That would be a good idea, cause everyone has school and they are up late with homework," one mom said. "That would be a good idea, make it easier for the kids."

But to some people, the thought of trick-or-treating on Saturday is about as non-traditional as carving your jack-o-lantern out of a green or yellow pumpkin.

"I think they would want to stay with the traditional day just because it is October 31st," said Carly Mulano.

Opponents of moving the date to Saturday worry about kids walking on dark streets during the most dangerous night of the week: Saturday, which sees more drunk driving accidents than any other day.

But most of all, many families don't like upsetting a tradition that goes back more than 100 years.

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