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Don't Google these words, because scammers may be waiting

Common searches that can lead you to bogus websites
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Posted at 4:51 PM, May 16, 2023

We love to search Google any time we have a question about something.

But a new report says there are some topics you should not Google.

Looking for the best spring flowers? Ask Google.

Or a meatball recipe? Ask Google.

But a new report in Lifehacker lists some things scammers are hoping you Google because they are ready to trick you with their results.

1. "Free credit report" — This often takes you to paid sites. Instead, go to

2. "High paying remote jobs" — A lot of these listings are scams, the report says.

3. "Free people finders" — Many of the results will charge you money, and sometimes a monthly subscription that is very tough to cancel.

4. "Best crypto wallet" — Unless you are looking for cam websites that will steal your Bitcoin, don't search this.

And from the doesn't that stink file ... the most dangerous thing to Google:

5 "Customer service numbers"

If you Google "customer service number" for Amazon, Facebook or any major company, you may stumble upon a scammer's number who will then ask you for your credit card or bank account number.

Cookie Pridemore told us last year she did just that, thinking it was the real company.

"I Googled Apple customer service," she said. "A woman answered, said yes that is who she was."

It was a scam, and Pridemore lost several hundred dollars after allowing the woman to access her laptop.

Be sure to use the company's website to find a contact number.

And remember that Facebook has no customer service number: with over a billion members, not paying to use it, there is no way it can have helpful phone agents.

So be suspicious of the top results when Googling, and that way you don't waste your money.


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