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Payton's Lemonade Stand returns July 30, hoping to raise $100K for kids facing hardships

Payton Obert
Posted at 11:12 PM, Jul 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-28 09:46:09-04

CINCINNATI — Anyone who meets 10-year-old Payton Obert knows how immediately disarming she is — introducing everyone to her dog, her lemonade stand and, of course, Teddy, the bear that became the inspiration for her 501c3, Payton's Lemonade Stand.

Teddy has seen better days, likely because he is well-loved by the girl who received him when she had to spend a night at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. She never forgot what he meant to her.

"I want other kids to have that connection with their toy," Obert said. "I love him very much."

When she was six, Obert asked to have a lemonade stand. Her dad built her one, and she made $800 after spending three hours in the driveway of their west side home. That three-hour lemonade stand has become a yearly ritual. In her third year, 29 stands around the city made $60,000 — enough to buy a lot of toys for kids in the hospital.

It was then that her mother, Jess Obert, stepped away from her job at Children's to lead the growing organization. The family hopes their fourth annual lemonade stand on July 30 will be their best.

Payton's will have 50 stands manned in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Columbus and Cleveland Saturday. Other children have created their own stands to support the cause, many planning to compete with each other to see how much they can raise.

"We almost doubled the number of stands, so I think we can almost double the amount," Obert said. "I think we can do $100,000. I think we can do it."

For the Obert family, this is a golden opportunity to give to others and teach children altruism.

"Besides, you know, sweetening the lives of kids facing medical, personal and economic hardships, we're also empowering our next generation of philanthropists," Jess Obert said.

Obert is also inspiring others through speaking engagements at schools.

"I tell them like all about my story," Obert said. "And then I tell them that there only needs one person to change the world and that they can be that person if they choose to do it."

Additionally, for her birthday, she said she decided she would raise more money. She raised $5,000 for Madi's house, which helps people coming out of drug dependency and mental health issues. At Madi's house, people can attend meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous, and many people found they needed child care in order to attend.

"It's really important that they get this kind of care that they need," Obert said. "So that way they can put their kids in the playroom to play on but there'll be a couple of volunteers they're like working with the kids and playing with them taking care of them."

Jess Obert said her daughter has always been compassionate. And Obert said by giving to people, she feels good.

"I just get that happy feeling in my heart," Obert said.

The 50 Payton's Lemonade Stands will be selling lemonade from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at various locations. Click here tofind one near you.

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