What Nancy Rozzi says about the weather

What Rozzi says about fireworks and wet weather
Posted at 10:42 AM, Jul 03, 2016

CINCINNATI -- Nancy Rozzi says she's an optimist to the bitter end.

Rozzi, president of Rozzi's Famous Fireworks, has been through dozens of Fourth of July seasons. She knows the weather doesn't always cooperate.

"Some have been fantastic," she said, "some have been iffy."

And others they've had to cancel and reschedule.

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Monday's forecast calls for scattered showers, with some periods of dry weather from time to time.

But Rozzi said regular-old rain isn't going to stop the show.

"Like now? It's no problem," she said in the Sunday morning drizzle. "My crews are out. They have tents to cover, so they'll work in sections to set up. We're set, we're set to go. We're going to push through."

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The 17th annual LaRosa's Balloon Glow, went on as scheduled starting at 8 p.m. Sunday night at Coney Island.


Sunday's first weather cancelation was the city of Reading, which still plans to hold its Fourth of July festival Sunday night (but without fireworks).

New Richmond canceled all of its village Independence Day events due to the threat of severe weather, as did Edgewood 

Green Township and Fairfield each moved their fireworks up in an effort to beat the rain.

In all, Rozzi has 24 shows planned Monday, so she said said they'll be in wait-and-see mode.

"We will not shoot in thunderstorms or high winds," she said. "I wouldn't want anybody out there whether you're shooting a fireworks show or not."

Still, she said she's cautiously optimistic. "I'm not going to speculate right now."