Warm and humid for the weekend

"Feels-Like" temps could hit 100
and last updated 2021-08-20 23:00:24-04

While the skies stay clear tonight, very warm and humid conditions will cover the Tri-State. Temperatures even this evening will stay in the 80s before falling to near 70 degrees overnight. Then, the heat indices for the weekend will be sweltering:

There's a slight chance for a shower or storm on Sunday afternoon. But, the next significant rain won't come until Tuesday night. So, it's a hot stretch for the Tri-State with temps near 90 and "feels-like" temps in the mid 90s to even 100 degrees.

Clear skies
Patchy Fog
Low: 68

Mostly Sunny
Very humid
High: 89

Fair skies
Low: 70

Mostly Sunny
Very humid
High: 89

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