When does Harvey get to Greater Cincinnati?

How much rain is in store for the Tri-State

Hurricane Harvey made its third and final landfall Wednesday morning in western Louisiana as a tropical storm with 45 mph winds. While it will weaken over the next day, it's definitely bringing moisture into the Ohio Valley. Here are some of your questions answered about this system and how it will impact the Tri-State.

When will rain begin?

Rain from Harvey will arrive Friday. It looks like the heaviest rain from this system will fall starting Friday morning and through the afternoon. Rainfall will continue to accumulate on Saturday but it is not as intense as the Friday potential.

How much rain could we see?

Our rainfall amounts could range from 2 to 4 inches total. Locally higher amounts up to 5 inches cannot be ruled out in northern Kentucky where we have the highest rain potential.

Is there a flooding threat?

We still aren't looking at widespread flash flooding or anything like what has happened in Texas. But if we end up with persistent rain bands in a shorter time frame, some flash flooding cannot be ruled out locally.

This is why the National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch in Northern Kentucky from Thursday night through Friday night. Remember, don't drive into flooded roads. Turn around and take a different path.

Can we expect higher, tropical storm winds?

Our wind speeds will increase on Friday from the northeast at 10 to 20 mph, but this former hurricane is weakening greatly over the next three days. Winds could gust as high as 35 mph on Friday. In general, that wouldn't be enough to cause any big wind damage or widespread concerns. Winds will be lighter on Saturday as Harvey continues to impact us.

When does this leave? I want to go to Riverfest!

Harvey is going to move out of the Ohio Valley early Sunday which means we should be good to go for Riverfest starting at noon. This is also good news for the Rubber Duck Regatta at 3 p.m. The fireworks forecast is also dry, but your backside might get wet! As you stake your claim on your fireworks-watching spot in grassy areas, keep in mind the ground will be soggy.  A tarp under your blanket or a lawn chair will be your best options.

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