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Dearborn County under travel advisory for flooding

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Posted at 11:24 AM, Jun 19, 2021

DEARBORN COUNTY, Ind. — Dearborn County has been placed under an "Orange" travel watch after heavy rains caused flooding on highways and side streets Saturday morning.

County officials said an "Orange" travel watch means only essential travel is recommended, such as driving to and from work or in emergency situations. The advisory will last through Monday morning.

Areas across the Tri-State have experienced heavy flooding on roadways after lingering showers from Friday night's storms.

Police respond as flooding shuts down an intersection in Aurora.

Flooding shuts down an intersection in Aurora.

Flooding on East I-74 in Dearborn County.

Flooding on I-74 in Dearborn County, Indiana. Officials are asking drivers to use caution while roads continue to flood across the Tri-State.

A driver's view of flooding at Wesselman Road at Bridge Point Pass in Dent.

Wesselman Road floods at Bridge Point Pass in Dent.

Samantha Kaufman submitted this photo of high water on West Fork Road in Livingston.

west fork and livingston.jpg
West Fork Road in Livingston