Woman encounters kind strangers in Tri-State during 2,000-mile drive to rescue friend from Irma

A woman's 1,157-mile journey to rescue a high school friend from Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma came to a halt in the Tri-State, where a stranger's kindness made the journey much easier.

Linda Rogers -- of Brighton, Michigan -- hopped in the car to pick up her high school friend, Ted Getzen, from Hudson, Florida. Rogers and Getzen have been friends for 50 years, she said, and Getzen is very ill.

Rogers drove for 24 hours straight to pick her friend up and bring him to her home. She made a pit-stop in Sharonville to get gas.

Rogers said, while in a Thorton's gas station in Sharonville, she asked the clerk if she sold a coupon book where she might find deals on a hotel room in the area. Also in the gas station was a Ramada Inn employee -- that's the hotel that offered to lodge and feed Floridians and Texans who ended up in town to escape the hurricanes.

The employee told Rogers that the Ramada would lodge them for free -- and she said it made the tiresome journey much easier.

"It was unexpected. Other places were raising prices so this was a welcome surprise and very much appreciated," she said.

Today, Rogers is driving Getzen to Michigan so he can reconnect with family in Michigan and get the medical care he needs.

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