Tree in the road? How to report storm damage

Posted at 11:46 AM, Jun 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 11:47:34-04

If you notice a dead tree just waiting to come down during the next big storm, or if a tree has already fallen and blocking your driveway or road, it's important to know who to call to resolve the issue.

Not all storm damage reports are worthy of a 911 call; sometimes, a non-emergency call to the sheriff or fire department is your best option. In some areas, problems like these can be reported online.

Broken down by location, here are the best ways to report storm damage in your neighborhood:

City of Cincinnati

As with any other city and county, an urgent issue -- like a blocked road, especially an interstate or generally busy road -- requires police attention.

Other problems, including potholes, potentially dangerous dead trees and non-urgent storm damage to public property, can be reported online or by calling 513-591-6000 during business hours. Use this link to report an issue and to view already reported incidents. Again, call 911 to report any emergency issues.

Clermont County

Emergencies, like a road blockage, can be reported to the Clermont County Sheriff at (513) 732-7500 or by calling 911. If non-emergency issues in Clermont County, fill out this form online to get your report to the county engineer's office.

Warren County

Warren County's Department of Emergency Management lays out the guidelines for financial assistance available for some properties -- public and private -- damaged in storms. Here is a list of who is eligible for assistance, a form to request assistance and a more detailed explanation of debris removal services.

Hamilton, Butler, Adams, Clinton, Highland and Brown Counties

Your best bet is to report damage to your local fire department, police department or Sheriff's Office by calling their respective phone number or by dialing 911. If a road is blocked by a tree or heavy debris or if someone is injured, the situation is definitely worthy of a 911 call.

All Kentucky Counties

To report a non-emergency road concern in Kentucky, fill out this online form. Your request will be sent to the Kentucky Transportation cabinet. Like the counties in Ohio, however, any emergencies need to be reported to the local police or fire department by calling 911.

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