Torrential rain leads to impressive record for the Tri-State

Posted at 4:37 AM, Aug 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-17 05:25:48-04

There's no doubt that Thursday's forecast was a soaker. But when you break two records and nearly top a third in Cincinnati, you have to take notice of a day like that.

Here's the rundown of all the records broken -- and trust me, you want to scroll all the way to the end for the final one.

(This data is for CVG Airport, the official record location for Cincinnati.)

The first record to fall was the record daily rainfall for Aug. 16. The record amount of rain was 0.93 inches of rain but this was already exceeded before 4 a.m.

Source @NWSILN via twitter

Next up was the record amount of rain for any single day in the month of August. The former record was 3.52 inches of rain from August of 1995. As we crept past 11 p.m., a soaking shower was bringing pounding rain and the rainfall number surpassed this mark. Here's the 11:09 p.m. tweet from the National Weather Service confirming that monthly record was broken.

Source @NWSILN via twitter

But that shower didn't budge and continued to dump rain on the Tri-State as we finished out the final minutes of August 16, 2018. Once the clock hit midnight, the National Weather Service checked the rain gauge for CVG (the official recording spot for Cincinnati) and it read 5.02 inches of rain. 

While this was not the highest, all time, one day rainfall total, it came very close. The highest amount of rain ever recorded at CVG since record keeping began in 1891 was 5.21 inches. That is from March 9, 1964. We ended up at number 2. Wow!

Source @NWSILN via twitter