Find Dippin' Dots on your car in a.m? We explain

Posted at 10:48 AM, Feb 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-17 12:09:01-05

CINCINNATI - If you watched Good Morning Tri-State today, you more than likely heard about graupel.

It's not a word you hear frequently in the 9 First Warning forecast because it takes unique conditions to occur.

Graupel is precipitation that grows by supercooled water accreting on ice crystals or snow flakes. Basically, as the snow flakes start to form, water that is below freezing (supercooled) attaches to the snowflake and it takes more of, a circular shape. It's whiter, and if you press it between your fingers, you'll notice it's soft and compresses easily.

It can also be referred to as snow pellets or soft hail.

But let's break it down to something you are probably familiar with. Graupel is similar in texture to Dippin' Dots. See the picture below for the side-by-side comparison! It's also similar in texture to the ice you get in your Sonic drink, but much smaller.

Graupel vs. Dippin Dots

We had reports of graupel in the early morning hours in Newport, Mason, Maysville and into Clermont County, too. There was enough to cover the roads and sidewalks at times, resulting in a few slick spots.

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Picture of graupel in Mason, Ohio