More rain ahead right into the weekend

Much colder temperatures coming up
Wet Weather umbrella rain
Posted at 3:14 AM, Oct 28, 2021

A stubborn rainmaker will continue the onslaught of rain for Friday and more is on track into the weekend. However, there is a change for Halloween.

So, this same area of low pressure will be around right into Friday night football. The wet weather will not be as heavy as what fell on Thursdayand will come more in waves.

Temperatures will remain about the same reaching near 60 degrees through Saturday. While we have a chance for showers early on Saturday, we'll more likely see cloudy skies right into Saturday night.

Halloween Sunday will see gradual clearing. So, some sunshine is back for the day with temps climbing into the low 60s. The Trick or Treat weather looks great with clear skies and temps sliding into the mid 50s by 10pm.

Rain continues
Low: 52

Scattered rain
Few downpours
High: 59

Showers continue
Low: 51


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