Hail blankets the ground in Mount Orab, lightning strike causes apartment fire in Cold Spring

Posted at 12:36 AM, Apr 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-06 20:25:44-04

MOUNT ORAB, Ohio -- The thunderstorms that struck Greater Cincinnati Wednesday night had ended by 9 p.m., but communities like Mount Orab will be dealing with storm damage in the days ahead.

Billy Maxfield, a Mount Orab resident, said he was on the road when a thunderstorm knocked over a tree in his path and pelted his pickup with hail. He and his family were safe, but they arrived at home to find their yard blanketed in "golf ball-size" hail.

"It looked like snow-covered ground from all the hail," Maxfield said.

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The heavy rain also caused flooding on nearby roads.

Nearly 40 miles away in Cold Spring, Kentucky, the sound of a fire alarm rose above the rolling thunder outside Mike Steinman’s apartment building.

"A great neighbor who I've never met bangs on the door and says, 'Get out, there’s a fire in your building,'" he said.

The fire had likely been started by a lightning strike, he said.

Fire crews made quick work of the flare-up, and Steinman said he hoped the worst was over. Despite the damage the storm caused, it had lasted only a few minutes.