Ragweed is blooming, and that could mean bad news for allergy sufferers

Posted at 6:47 AM, Aug 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-21 09:37:09-04

Ragweed is here. 

It's one of those pollens that sparks a reaction from just about everyone in the Tri-State. And obviously, this is NOT a positive reaction. Cue the burning eyes, scratchy throats, nasal congestion, headaches and frequent sneezes.

As of Monday, ragweed took a big jump on the pollen monitoring site, Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency. 

Generally, when ragweed pollen begins to show up, it only increases day by day, getting worse and peaking by early to mid-September.

After speaking to our family physician Monday, he noted that getting antihistamines started before symptoms show up can help out big time. I'm not a doctor, clearly, but take this ragweed notification to evaluate your allergy mediations and potentially talk to your doctor as well.

So, what does this plant look like and why is it so bad?


According to the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency, ragweed is the most allergenic plant of North America. It blooms from August through October, so the fact that pollen spores skyrocketed on Monday should not come as a surprise.

We understand ragweed comes every fall but at this point, I think everyone would be okay if we gave it an early eviction notice!