Picture perfect weather this weekend

Heat returns next week
Sunny and blue sky over Cincinnati
Posted at 5:37 AM, Jun 18, 2022

Boy, today is GORGEOUS! That heat and humidity we have felt all week long has finally broke and today has been spectacular.

Plenty of sunshine out there today, but temperatures are into the mid 70s! The best part is that the humidity is extremely low. This is an A+ weather day! Wind has been a bit breezy at times, gusting from the north at 10 to 15 mph. Overall, it is a great evening to get outside.


Skies will stay clear overnight tonight and that low humidity will continue. Your A/C will get a great break tonight. Open up those windows before bed! Temperatures will drop into the low 50s for most areas, but a few may dip into the upper 40s! Might even be considered chilly to start the day.

Father’s Day Sunday looks incredible. What a treat for Dad with those very comfortable temperatures sticking around. Upper 70s and low 80s for most, with a mix of sun and clouds. Anything you want to do outside should be a go! Overall, it will be a great day for those Juneteenth ceremonies and celebrations as well.

Father's Day Forecast
Father's Day Forecast

Enjoy the cooler weather this weekend because the intense heat makes a quick comeback next week and it could be even hotter than what we just went through. High temperatures Monday are back into the upper 80s. From Tuesday through Saturday, we expect the 90s, with some spots possibly making it into the upper 90s midweek.

Sunny & hot
Humidity dropping
High: 88

Cool & crisp
Clear skies
Low: 51

Warm with low humidity
Plenty of sun!
High: 79

Mostly clear
Seasonably Cool
High: 56

More heat, still low humidity
Partly cloudy
High: 89

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