Thick morning fog beginning to dissipate

Visibility zero in some areas
WCPO Fog at Castle
Posted at 3:15 AM, Oct 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-05 10:13:53-04


-Dense fog, esp in Cincy

-Fog lasts through 10 a.m.

-Slight rain chance this afternoon


The big story this morning in the weather department will be fog. Let's get the latest look at live cameras and visibility sensors. This should linger until 10 a.m. Then, the sky turns partly cloudy with a high of 79. There is a slight rain chance this afternoon.


We are down to zero visibility in spots, making it necessary to slow down. Fog will be thickest where we saw rain on Monday. Elsewhere, the fog will be patchy but could easily thicken with time, too, as we approach sunrise. Fog should last until 10 a.m. I'll let you know if a dense fog advisory gets issued, but I would treat the morning as if one is in effect. After the fog lifts, the sky will be mostly cloudy and a few pops of sunshine will break through this afternoon. Temperatures top out in the upper 70s and a brief, isolated shower cannot be ruled out. But it will be less rain than we saw yesterday. Another area of low pressure is lifting up from the south and this will bring in scattered showers and isolated thunderstorm chances on Thursday. The best chance of rain and storms will be on Thursday as the area of low pressure lifts through the Ohio Valley.

MORNING RUSH Dense fog, especially in Cincinnati. Low: 61

TUESDAY Turning partly cloudy, warm. High: 79

TUESDAY NIGHT Slight rain chance; mostly cloudy. Low: 63

WEDNESDAY Mostly cloudy; spotty afternoon rain. High: 77

WEDNESDAY NIGHT Scattered showers; cloudy. Low: 64