Bracken County man missing after torrential rains flood part of Northern Kentucky

Maysville, Augusta see most serious damage
Heavy rain floods part of Northern Kentucky
Posted at 7:03 AM, Jul 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-23 22:40:57-04

MAYSVILLE, Ky. -- A man is missing after torrential rains flooded parts of Northern Kentucky early Sunday.

In some areas the damage was so severe Maysville's mayor said it looked "like a hurricane hit."

Delmar Nickoson's home near Bracken Creek apparently was swept away in the floodwaters, the Ledger Independent reported. Neighbors noticed his mobile home was missing at daylight.

Buffalo Trace Search and Rescue searched for the 82-year-old in the area around Augusta-Minerva Road, Kentucky Route 435, but to no avail. 

Search Captain Ron Nadicksbernd said crews would continue searching for Nickoson at 6 a.m. Monday. 

PHOTOS: Northern Kentucky hit with overnight flooding

About 20 boats broke from their moorings on Bracken Creek and were carried into the Ohio River. One was found Sunday morning at Meldahl Dam, about 10 miles downstream.

A witness captured this footage of one boat being carried away:


Another home washed away near Augusta, but no one was seriously hurt.

In nearby Mason County, Judge-Executive Joe Pfeffer declared a state of emergency. The declaration is a step toward possibly seeking reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Maysville Mayor David Cartmell said. That request would have to go through Gov. Matt Bevin.

A home was destroyed in floodwaters near Augusta, Kentucky. (Photo by Jason Fair | WCPO)

Estimates from 9 First Warning Doppler show rainfall to 5 inches in the Maysville area.

The storms tore apart Tim Wheeler's home. He said he was inside when floodwaters starting lifting it up. It ended up about 200 yards away.

Damage to Wheeler's home. (Photo by Kristen Swilley | WCPO)

Wheeler purchased the home about two years ago, he said, and was almost done remodeling. He also lost his vehicles, including a brand-new Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Flooding at the Mason County Road Department carried several vehicles into a culvert, and neighbors said a nearby road was torn up.

Not far from there, a pipe lifted out of a culvert and smashed into a wooden pedestrian bridge and a home's deck along Mason-Lewis Road.

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Floodwaters left Thomas Auto Sales and Salvage so jumbled it looked "like a hurricane hit it," Cartmell said. Mud, rock and debris covered the lot.

"Well I've been mayor almost 20 years. So, well, I've not seen anything like this," Cartmell said. "We've had some significant rainstorms, but our system was always able to handle it. I don't know that we've ever had this -- 4 or 5 inches -- as quickly as we had."


Despite the flooding, Cartmell said he was unaware of any injuries in Maysville.

Photos on social media show the streets of nearby Augusta, Kentucky were flooded: