Freezing rain possible overnight

Why we could see icy spots and where
Posted at 10:36 AM, Jan 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-09 10:45:29-05

Freezing rain. These two words should send you into caution mode if you plan on being behind the wheel overnight.

We will see an isolated chance for freezing rain developing overnight and while it's not a repeat of the sheets of ice that developed back in December, it's enough to warn you about ahead of time. But remember here, the keyword is isolated!

WHEN: Late Monday night into the Tuesday morning drive

WHY: A warm front ushers in isolated rain chances overnight. Don't be fooled by your car dashboard thermometer tomorrow morning. Even if your car says 36 degrees, the pavement temperature will be the problem as it stays below freezing. The isolated rain showers will freeze on the cold road surface. Bridges and overpasses will be the first places to watch.

WHERE: This is mainly a threat north of the Ohio River but stretches out through south central Indiana and central Ohio. I've highlighted the area in pink below. 

Areas that could see a few icy spots.

HOW MUCH: This isn't going to result in a lot of ice. I'm only seeing .01" of moisture to even work with during the morning drive. This is a good thing, if there had been more moisture, it would have been a larger concern and issue. But .01" of liquid results in a few icy spots, mainly on bridges and overpasses.

Overnight ice potential is small.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Look for wet or shiny spots on the roads. Or if you notice that it's lightly raining, know that it could start freezing on the road you are traveling on. Slow down and brake early.

Have your TV on WCPO to catch Good Morning Tri-State early Tuesday. If this does become an issue, we'll have the latest reports and problem spots. If it doesn't happen, it's good news and I'll give you the green light as you head out the door. Drive safe!