Did we skip spring? April, May bring two extremes to Greater Cincinnati

May ends as warmest on record

CINCINNATI -- If you feel like you have weather whiplash, you are not alone: The last 60 days have brought two extremes to the Tri-State, and it's a noteworthy stretch of weather.

April finished as the ninth coldest April on record for Cincinnati.

The average for the month was 48.7 degrees, 5.5 degrees below normal. Not only did we have a lot of cold days, we had eight days with measurable snow and eight more days of rain.

Toward the end of April, temperatures started to turn warmer -- but wow, did the heat ramp up fast! May has proven to bring in very warm and humid air to the Ohio Valley. The average daily temperature for May ended at at 72.4 degrees. That's 8.9 degrees above normal!

This officially makes May the warmest May on record for Cincinnati.

In all, if you felt like we skipped spring, this data pretty much confirms that feeling. We went from winter to summer in the blink of an eye.

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What is the average daily temperature?

The average daily temperature is the high and low added together and divided by two. This number is often used for climate purposes, especially when evaluating the entire month. You can figure out the average temperature for the month by adding up these daily numbers and then dividing by the number of days in a month.

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