Wilmington College part of concussion study

Posted at 6:40 PM, Apr 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-19 19:39:18-04

WILMINGTON, College -- A small college in Clinton County was chosen as one of 30 schools to participate in a large-scale national study on concussions.

Wilmington College is taking part in the NCAA's concussion and brain trauma study to help identify changes that could be changed to make contact sports safer.

Wilmington linebacker David Henry is taking part in the study. He suffered a mild concussion, pulled from a game and stayed off the field per concussion protocol.

"As soon as I dove to make the tackle, I hit my head pretty hard on the turf," He said. "I got up; the play was real hazy afterward. I was really confused."

Henry's account of the experience will be used as part of the study.

"They were real cautious about how my head was functioning, how I was thinking," he said. "Just making sure I felt better every day."

Athletic Director Terry Rupert said he believes Wilmington College -- with a population of only 1,110 students -- was chosen for the study because almost half of the student body plays collegiate sports.

"We reflect Division III. Plus, our athletic training education here is a great part of what we do," he said.

In addition to football, women's soccer will be a major focus of the study, as well as the difference between men and women's soccer and basketball.

The study will continue at Wilmington College over the next year.