all three together.JPG Based on feedback, goals and visits to several other NFL stadiums, Hamilton County and Gensler Sports drafted a plan filled with ideas on how to both solve issues within Paul Brown Stadium and enhance fan experience. This is a layout of where certain upgrades would go.Photo by: Gensler Sports new fans new experience.JPG With a goal of creating new experiences for fans, renovations could include new cascading balconies, a live sports betting club, rooftop experiences and a night club on the east upper concourse. Further detailed renderings for many of these ideas have not yet been provided.Photo by: Gensler Sports North scoreboard and pavilion.JPG The proposal for Paul Brown Stadium would seek to move the scoreboard and expand it in size from 130 ft. by 36 ft. to 150 ft. by 42 ft. Behind the scoreboard, a new pavilion area is proposed for fans.Photo by: Gensler Sports North pavilion second view.JPG The multi-level pavilion would provide options for seating with landscaping and access to different levels of club seating. It will also sit above the Bengals pro-shop, with access from the pavilion to the store below.Photo by: Gensler Sports North pavilion section.JPG Situated above the team store, a new north pavilion shows options for access from club level up to suites. The pavilion would be situated behind the scoreboard, with bridges connecting multiple sections to the multi-level pavilion.Photo by: Gensler Sports Cascading balconies camden yards.JPG Plans propose creating cascading balconies on the southeast corner. Those balconies will cater to ticketholders of different levels, from suites to club level. A similar design is in effect at Camden Yards in Baltimore.Photo by: Gensler Sports cascading balconies other view.JPG A view of the proposed cascading balconies, once the scoreboard has been moved to a newly proposed location.Photo by: Gensler Sports Ticket breakdown seating.JPG A look at how ticketholders will be able to access the different levels of the proposed cascading balcony area.Photo by: Gensler Sports traditional upgrades.JPG Traditional upgrades have been proposed, including diverse seating options to offer different ways to watch the game, a new market-style food hall experience themed after Findlay Market, and a refresh of other amenities throughout the stadium.Photo by: Gensler Sports the districts.JPG The current proposal calls for dividing areas up into "districts" that all reflect something quintessentially Cincinnati. Proposed districts would be "Urban Jungle," "Bourban Trail," "Incline Railways," "Culture & Arts," "German Heritage," and "Findlay Market." In this proposal, only the "Findlay Market" district concept was shown in more depth.Photo by: Gensler Sports Findlay Market district.JPG The proposed Findlay Market district would reimagine the concessions areas, themed after Cincinnati's historic open-air marketplace. The district will be a market food hall experience at the eastern sideline.Photo by: Gensler Sports Findlay Market District 2.JPG The eastern sideline marketplace concept will pay homage to Findlay Market, while working to expand concessions.Photo by: Gensler Sports Findlay Market district east sideline.JPG The current plan for the Findlay Market district will expand concessions and provide nearly double the existing points of sale, to speed up service and mitigate congestion.Photo by: Gensler Sports seating breakdown final.jpg The plan currently proposes diversifying seating options, so fans have multiple different ways to engage in and watch the game besides just general, club and suite seating. The proposal includes space for standing decks, drink rails and loge boxes, in addition to expanding suite options.Photo by: Gensler Sports Loge seating inspo.JPG During visits to other stadiums, officials gathered ideas about what different types of seating options could be brought to Paul Brown Stadium, including loge seating. Shown here are options of loge seating available in other stadiums that have been considered for this plan.Photo by: Gensler Sports Loge seating options.JPG Possible loge seating options could include designs spanning more traditional club chairs to banquettes to tavern-style seating and more. Based on the current proposal, it is unclear which of these designs are preferred for Paul Brown Stadium or if all are still in consideration.Photo by: Gensler Sports function and flow.JPG A key goal of renovations is to reduce congestion and increase function and flow. The plan to improve that involves relocating the main scoreboard, relocate and add escalators and improve overall vertical transportation. Ideas also include increasing sponsorship opportunities.Photo by: Gensler Sports site circulation overview.JPG In an effort to improve function and traffic flow within the stadium, the current plan proposes replacing two existing ramps with escalators and adding additional escalators throughout.Photo by: Gensler Sports Gate D.JPG One major area of traffic congestion was identified as Gate D, where 45% of fans enter the stadium. Currently, people flow into the stadium and congestion happens at the main ramp, with minimal traffic heading to other gates. To speed up some aspects of this experience, the current plan proposes implementing strategic landscaping and signage, while bringing in new security systems that will operate faster than metal detectors as people move through the line.Photo by: Gensler Sports Gate D new.JPG A reimagining of Gate D involves relocating stairs and escalators and creating intentional landscaping that will help steer traffic flow and distribute fans along all gates instead of congregating at one specific gate. A permanent shade structure is also proposed over gates where longer wait times may be unavoidable for some games.Photo by: Gensler Sports Vertical transportation.JPG To enhance vertical transportation, more escalators could be added around the gates, particularly in the southwest corners, to help fans reach their seating level more efficiently.Photo by: Gensler Sports