What are Bengals worth?

Posted at 2:11 PM, Sep 15, 2015

CINCINNATI -- What are the Bengals worth?

No, that's not a rhetorical question -- at least not to the number-crunching nerds at Forbes.

They peg the value of Mike Brown's team at $1.45 billion.

Sounds like a lot, sure, but consider this: That's the fourth-lowest value in the NFL, where the average team's value is $1.97 billion.

Cincinnati sits right below St. Louis and just above Detroit. The Raiders and Bills round out the bottom five.

Topping Forbes list, unsurprisingly, are Jerry Jones' Dallas Cowboys, worth $4 billion.

In the 18 years Forbes has put together its list of NFL team valuations, the Cowboys have sat atop the list for the past nine.

The Patriots, Redskins, Giants and 49ers are the rest of the top five, which, including Dallas, are worth a collective $15.55 billion.

The Bengals did make the top 10 in terms of value change year to year, posting a 46 percent gain. The team's total revenue was $296 million; operating income was $55.5 million.

Check out the full list here. And find out more here about what Forbes says is driving this year's numbers.