Bengals-Steelers rivalry splits this household

Posted at 8:46 PM, Jan 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-08 20:49:40-05

HARRISON, Ohio -- You've got to wonder how it happened: In Liberty, Indiana, nowhere near Pittsburgh, a middle school has the most diehard Steelers fan you'll ever meet.

Alex Bentley has loved the Steelers since the third grade. His prediction for Saturday: A Steelers win, with a final score of 41-19.

Alex got noticed by Ben Roethlisberger when his dad, Trevor Bentley sent this photo:


In return, the Steelers quarterback sent an autographed game shoe.

Trevor Bentley bleeds black and orange; he's a lifelong Bengals fan.

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So what happened to his son? "A third-grade teacher, Mr. Wooster," Trevor Bentley explained.

"I'm from the Pittsburgh area," Dick Wooster said, "but I'm also very smart."

Alex, Wooster said, must be pretty smart, too.

"I've talked to all my students, but he was one of the ones who picked up and saw the light," Wooster said.

After school Friday, Alex headed to his dad's house in Harrison, Ohio to gear up for the big battle Saturday, in a house split down the middle by a loving rivalry between father and son.