Adam Jones posts expletive-filled video after Union Township crash

Posted at 11:32 AM, May 09, 2017

UNION TOWNSHIP (CLERMONT COUNTY), Ohio -- Bengals cornerback Adam Jones posted an expletive-filled video online Tuesday after police said he was involved in a car crash.

The video, obtained by TMZ, shows the scene of the crash and Jones’ damaged Rolls-Royce. The athlete tells the camera if it wasn't for his anger management classes he would "smack the s--t out of a n---a."

Jones also adds: "This n---a done pulled out and hit me... Stupid mother---er.”

(Watch video from TMZ below. Warning: the following video contains explicit language)

Jones entered anger management after video surfaced of him wishing death on a police officer during a downtown Cincinnati arrest earlier this year.

Police said Monday’s crash happened at about 7:50 a.m. on state Route 125 at Pharo Drive and involved two vehicles and minor damage.

“Officers conducting the traffic investigation concluded that there was not enough evidence at the scene to determine fault,” Union Township Lt. Anthony Rees said.

Rees said a crash report was taken at the scene and both Jones and the other driver were asked to exchange insurance information.

Jones, 33, was charged with assault, disorderly conduct and obstructing official business Jan. 3 after he pushed and poked a security guard in the eye at a downtown Cincinnati hotel, according to court records. They also state that Jones refused to enter a police cruiser by pulling away, kicking and head-butting as he was being arrested.

(Watch footage from his arrest below. Warning: the following video contains explicit language)


Jones also had been accused of spitting on a staff nurse at the county jail. In March, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters dismissed a felony count of harassment with a bodily substance, saying he didn't believe what Jones did rose to the level of a felony. He also said Jones' decision to get anger management and alcohol-related counseling played into his decision.

The remaining counts against Jones are misdemeanors; Deters encouraged the city of Cincinnati to drop its case, chalking Jones' behavior up to "drunken foolishness."

Less than a month after Deters dropped the felony case, Jones had another outburst. In that case, he berated a reporter during the first day of locker room interviews of the 2017 offseason.

Jones answered a slew of questions about new players, the upcoming NFL draft and his age -- he's almost 34. Before the interviews began, though, Jones said he wouldn't talk about legal trouble he wound up in this past winter.


At the end of the four-and-a-half minute interview, a reporter asked Jones how, and if, he planned to win back fans after the offseason controversy.

"Is there anything you have to show to fans, have to prove to the fans for them to welcome you back since there were a lot of people upset with the way things went down in the offseason for you?" Jones was asked.

"Turn around, go back. See you. Next question." Jones said.

When the other reporters went silent, Jones said "That's his last interview for the year. Don't come over here for the rest of the year."

Bengals owner Mike Brown said he supports Jones and indicated the veteran cornerback remains in good standing with the team pending possible disciplinary action from the NFL.