WATCH: We worked out with FC Cincinnati players -- and you can, too!

CINCINNATI -- Who wouldn’t want to work out with a bunch of professional athletes?

When my co-worker Max Alter and I saw the invitation for members of the media to try a spin class at Hyde Park’s CycleBar with the guys from FC Cincinnati, we both sent the same one-word email to the person who’d sent it to us: YES.

Also Max and I love to take on physical fitness challenges, as evidenced by our participation in the police recruit fitness test earlier this year:


FC Cincinnati announced CycleBar as its “Official Cross Training Partner” this week. The indoor cycling workout facility will host members of the team in individualized workouts throughout the year, and members of the public will be able to train along with them.

So what was it like working out with the area’s newest and coolest athletes?

Well, it made me feel old, for one.

But it was really cool to be around the energy of a group that has captured the interest of a city bored by teams that can’t seem to win consistently -- and have already attracted more people than many Reds games and Columbus’ professional soccer team.

A friend warned Max and I that we would look like we just jumped out of a swimming pool when we finished -- and she was right! (Thankfully, they provide towels to wipe yourself off mid-spin.)

Check in with CycleBar to find out which dates the players will be there if you want to join.

And if you want a good workout (that, yes, does make you look like you just went for a swim), definitely go try out one of their classes.

Just make sure you have a padded chair to sit on the next day. 

And, if you must know, Max beat me.

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