Xavier win drives Musketeer merchandise for local business

Posted at 6:22 PM, Mar 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-24 18:22:09-04

CINCINNATI -- Xavier University’s Elite Eight T-shirts were already designed when the final buzzer sounded, signifying a Musketeers victory Thursday.

Vesi Incorporated, a Cincinnati-based sportswear company, sent the orders out minutes after Xavier stunned second-seeded Arizona.

There’s a reason urgency is important; Vesi Inc. hopes to generate $15,000 to $20,000 this weekend on Xavier gear, according to CEO Greg Visconti.

“It is a challenging thing from a logistics standpoint, but it's a fun challenge,” Visconti said. “We embrace the challenge.  We love the challenge.  We have some very, very loyal customers that have been coming to our outlet sale for 20 years, and they look forward to these type of events and support them tremendously.”

Xavier’s Elite Eight garb is flying off the shelves at the Crable Factory Outlet in Springdale.

Chris Huster, of Deer Park, was one of the first in line Friday, and she took home 10 of the T-shirts.

“I have four children. Three of them graduated from Xavier University,” Huster said. “My husband is one of eight — one girl — seven of them graduated from Xavier University. It is an amazing story isn't it? I am so excited.”

Although she’s a University of Cincinnati graduate, Ann Ranaghan bought several Elite Eight shirts Friday.

“ It's always exciting when a local team can get far in the tournament, and so everyone needs to support the no matter what your original loyalties may have been,” Ranaghan said.

Xavier graduate student Scott Young is grateful for the recognition the tournament has brought to his school.

“It's always exciting to be in the national spotlight and to have something that you directly identify with get the appreciation of a much broader audience,” Young said. “That's always good and always makes people feel good. It's why you have sports teams.”