Brian Mains wears love of Flying Pig Marathon, running on his arm

Posted at 3:14 PM, Jan 30, 2017
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CINCINNATI - When you have a tattoo of a Flying Pig on your forearm, you are legit. Brian Mains is one of the guys I get inspiration from both professionally and in running.

The entertainment reporter for has completed 12 marathons, including six consecutive Flying Pigs since 2011.

That includes wearing a GoPro camera for the entire marathon in 2013. Video here:

Mains has also been moved by the people who run the Cincinnati Marathon and felt like their stories needed to be told as well.

Here is his story from last year on why people run the Flying Pig.

Brain’s understanding about what the marathon means to Cincinnati comes from his own experience in running it. He started running on a health quest but found much more.

“I started running as a solo activity to lose weight,” Mains recently explained.  “I run because of the friendships I’ve made while training. I see the physical and mental benefits from the exercise.”

Brian Mains (center) gets support from friends at the Flying Pig Marathon

Mains joined the Running Spot training group seven years ago when he decided to run a full marathon, which was just before his 35th birthday.

He added the tattoo recently after he turned 40.

“I figured I ran enough marathons at that point to feel I earned the tattoo,” Mains explained. “The Flying Pig has affected my life in many ways. Beyond meeting new friends and introducing me to a healthier lifestyle, the marathon has pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of.”

One other neat tidbit about his tattoo: the little hash marks on the pig’s wings represent each marathon he has completed. There is room for more.

Brian is often the guy I bounce ideas off when it comes to running or the Flying Pig. A couple of years ago when I noticed a guy basicallly sprinting down Gilbert Avenue each morning shortly before 8 a.m., he was the guy who told me it was Harvey Lewis, the Badwater 135 ultramarathon champion.

Harvey would run  to work. So we did what any respectable crazy reporters would do – stop him one morning.  Here is that story.



Happy Training.

What is your running story? Are you training for the Flying Pig? 5k, 10k, Half or full marathon? This space is for you. Each week we will feature the people that make up the Flying Pig.

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