Would you vote to put Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Posted at 11:22 AM, Jan 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-18 12:02:12-05

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati baseball fans - especially Pete Rose fans - will be closely watching the Hall of Fame vote Wednesday night (6 p.m., MLB Network,

That's because Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens could get elected. 

So we're giving you a chance to vote below.

Up to now, most of the voting baseball writers have excluded these two baseball greats because of evidence they used PEDs. But opinions have been changing.

Two longtime Cincinnati baseball writers and now WCPO contributors have taken opposite stands. John Fay voted for Bonds and Clemens this year and explains why in this column. John Erardi says he'll refuse to participate in future Hall of Fame elections if either one even gets 50 percent of the vote (75 percent is needed for election).

Meanwhile, Rose, baseball's hit king, is banned for betting on Reds games and begged the Hall of Fame last year just to be on the ballot.

Should Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens be in the Hall of Fame?
No. They cheated. Never.
Yes. Two of the greatest players ever, and were before they used PEDs.
Yes, but only if Pete Rose is, too