Andy Furman Podcast: Who does the Queen City love more -- the Reds or FC Cincinnati?

Andy talks with legendary Reds reporter Hal McCoy
Andy Furman Podcast: Who does the Queen City love more -- the Reds or FC Cincinnati?
Posted at 9:00 AM, Apr 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-21 13:47:30-04

Could the Reds finish second or third in the National League Central?

Andy Furman talked Reds baseball with baseball reporter Hal McCoy.

McCoy has covered the Reds since 1973. He is partially retired now, but he still covers Reds home games for the Dayton Daily News and for his blog,

In 2015, McCoy was inducted in the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association's Hall of Fame.

McCoy said the Reds have shown him a lot this season and could be much better than anticipated.

McCoy said last year's Reds bullpen was the worst he's ever seen. This year the bullpen has been lights out. That's been his biggest surprise.

"That's probably the reason they are 9-6 instead of 6-9," McCoy said.

McCoy said he thinks 40-year-old starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo will only get better and will stick around for awhile on the team.

Plus, Furman and Ken Broo discuss why FC Cincinnati is getting bigger crowds than the Reds and whether U.S. Bank Arena will get replaced in a bid to bring the NCAA tournament to Cincinnati. 

  • 0:45 - Furman and Broo talk Reds and how baseball stacks up to soccer in Cincinnati
  • 6:16 - Will U.S. Bank Arena get a new facility to bring NCAA to Cincinnati?
  • 14:55 - Reds reporter Hal McCoy joins to talk Reds baseball

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