What it was like being stuck in an Ohio senior living community during the pandemic

Posted at 6:07 AM, Oct 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-07 09:03:36-04

MONTGOMERY, Ohio — Families are able to visit their loved ones in Ohio senior living communities for the first time in months this week, and some people found some creative ways to stay active in that time.

Bob and Wendy Gustafson live in the Twin Lakes Senior Living Community, and when the pandemic started they felt their community was safe. However, they still missed seeing their family and friends and visiting their church.

So the Gustafsons came up with some creative ways to see people and still feel connected and active in the community.

Bob and Wendy live on the second floor of their building, so their friends and family would gather in the parking lot of the building to say hello. They also fashioned a messaging system to pass items and notes to their friends and family below.

"We fashioned a string elevator with a bulldog clip on the end of it," Bob said. "We just play it out over the balcony railing and haul up the bag or notebook or whatever they have."

They have also taken part in some virtual classes and programs. Bob held his own virtual presentation on fly fishing which has gained much fanfare, and Wendy stays in shape with an online workout class.

"Every morning at 9:30 and goes for 45 minutes, and we are fit and trim," Wendy said.

While the two have made the best of their time separated from others, they are still looking forward to being in the same room with their friends and family.

Bob, Wendy and others will be celebrating their community Thursday night with the virtual event, A Musical Feast.