Unemployment denied, Cincinnati woman living in parking garage

Pregnant woman unable to get state or PUA benefits
Posted at 12:58 PM, Sep 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-10 19:54:47-04

By now, most people who applied for pandemic unemployment benefits have received the money, or learned they didn't qualify.

But one Cincinnati woman is stuck in unemployment limbo and is now homeless with a baby due soon.

Sabrina Timerding is now living meal to meal.

This almost full-term pregnant woman from Western Hills gets food from a parish kitchen, and is now sleeping with her boyfriend in a parking garage.

"It has been two months now," she told us. "My baby is due literally on the 18th, and they are taking him by C-section. I am sleeping in a parking garage. I am dirty. This is not right."

Unemployed woman lives in parking garage

Lost job due to pandemic, but no benefits

Timerding says she was doing part-time catering work until the pandemic hit.

Like tens of thousands of other Ohioans, she applied for unemployment benefits.

But just when checks began coming, they stopped.

"The three payments I got were $189 plus $600. I got three payments of that. Then they just stopped completely," she said.

With no job and no unemployment benefits, Timerding says she was forced out of her apartment.

And because she didn't want to expose her baby to potential COVID-19 at a shelter, she and her boyfriend decided to stay in an unused parking garage. For their safety, WCPO will not name the location.

Sabrina Timerding.JPG
Sabrina Timerding expecting child

Some continue to fall through the cracks

Timerding just wants answers.

"It has been almost two months, and they won't tell me nothing when I call," she said. "(They're) just telling me to be patient."

We sent her case to Ohio's Job and Family Services department, requesting priority review of her case, and are trying to connect her with United Way for housing help.

Timerding may have been below the minimum income for for state benefits, but she should still qualify for federal pandemic unemployment assistance.

With neither, this mom to be and her baby could have a long struggle ahead.

Federal PUA benefits this year have been a lifeline for lower-income and gig workers, but some still fall through the cracks.

For them, and many others, there's no rebound in sight.


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