Making It Work: Never The Less, Inc.

Posted at 7:09 AM, Jul 12, 2021

CINCINNATI — The nonprofit organization Never The Less, Inc. shut down for a year due to the pandemic, but they are back this summer to help empower and encourage young women and girls.

Doris Thomas, founder and CEO of Never The Less, Inc., said during the pandemic the nonprofit was still reaching out to people to see if they could help.

"We continue to reach out to the girls, to their families, to see if they needed anything," Thomas said. "But our heart was still aching to have the girls and our presence and their back. And now they're back."

For four weeks this summer, five young women bonded and learned about what they need to succeed in the future, thanks to the organization, Thomas said.

Nia Brown, 15, was one of the young women, and she plans on being an orthodontist when she's older. One thing she learned: the importance of opening up to others.

"Try to let people in your life," she said. "Don't be so closed up. Have a voice. Like we say, your voice is your power."

Kailei Brown, 16, didn't want to spend her summer in this program since she is already an entreprenuer working on getting her license for her nail business. But she is learning more about life and business through the organization, she said.

"Being confident and firm, and like our presence when we walk into a room, they also taught us about presentation," she said.

"That tells me that we taught them well," Thomas said. "Because when we told them that their voice is their power, then they spoke their truth. They said exactly what was on their mind."

Now that the program is finished, Nia and Kailei said what they took from the program will always mean more.

"I just know what I want in life," Nia said. "And I need somebody by my side, family. I need love, encouragement, motivation."

"I'd just say to be open-minded and comfortable with who you are," Kailei said. "Don’t try to change for whoever else is around."