Do's and Don'ts for the WCPO virtual job fair

Local companies to conduct interviews Friday
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Posted at 9:58 AM, Aug 26, 2020
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Are you ready? The Works virtual job fairis Friday morning, August 28th.

Would you like to help make beer? Build medical testing kits? Or create packages for stores or shipping?

Those are some of the job openings available at the job fair.

The following three Cincinnati-area companies will be conducting interviews:

Boston Beer

Marketing manager Teresa Cullen says Boston Beer's Over-the-Rhine brewery needs workers to package its new canned Sam Adams beer.

They need to add more than 100 employees in the next 6 months.

"We're on a big hiring push right now," Cullen said.

And one of the best perks, she says, are the free beer samples employees get to take home after work.

Meridian Bioscience

Interested in the medical field?

Meridian Biosceince in Newtown needs assemblers to make test kits.

Production line supervisor Sean McMillan says while the company's name may be intimidating, no college degree is required for these positions.

"I can bring someone off the street and train that individual as long as they have a high school diploma or GED," he said.

ProAmpac Packaging

ProAmpac needs workers in its Springdale assembly plant, where it makes paper and plastic packages used in stores and for shipping.

Hiring recruiter Abbey Grubb said, "We make a lot of things you see in grocery stores, like applesauce packages the kids eat out of."

Friday morning, these companies will do Zoom interviews with prospective applicants who signed up by Tuesday evening (if you missed it, there will be a second job fair next month).

How to whiz a virtual job interview

Interviewing? Brian Bowman, CEO, says you want to appear professional, confident, and comfortable.

So the first thing you want to do is find a comfortable spot in your home with a decent background and some light on your face (don't have a bright window behind you).

You don't need to wear a suit and tie or Sunday dress. The 1990s are over. Business casual is best.

Skip the funny or rock concert T-shirt unless you are in high school.

And no plain undershirts please, no matter how muscular you think you are.

In addition, you want to look the interviewer in the eye, not look off to the side.

Appear eager to work.

And keep distractions like young children and pets away. Remember that cats love laptop keyboards; lock it up in the other room.

Then, Bowman says, just be yourself.

"They have to present themselves, sell themselves, as a likable, responsible, reasonable, communicative individual who will do the job," Bowman said.

The deadline has now passed for this Friday's job fair, but if you missed it, watch for another in late September, with new Cincinnati-area companies hiring.


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