BMV closing catch: Expired license? Can't get hired

Job hunters rejected due to expired Ohio licenses
Posted at 2:11 PM, May 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-04 06:53:44-04

It's now six weeks since Ohio's BMV offices closed, making it impossible for new drivers to get a license and older ones to renew theirs.

For some, the consequences are more than just frustration. Marshasta Roley's teenage son can't start his new delivery job until he renews his license.

"He needs a valid license," she said. "He can't come back for work until he gets a valid license."

Expired license? No background check

And it's not just driving jobs that require a valid license. Many companies require a background check before they will hire you and won't do it if you have an expired license.

Autumn McGee of Fairfield said she is trying to replace her husband's lost income during a furlough.

"I figured hey, he's not working, so I can work from home because there are plenty of customer service jobs," she said.

But she was turned down for a call center job, she said, because employers won't hire with an expired license.

When will offices reopen?

WCPO asked Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine about the closed offices at his Friday update.

Lt. Gov. John Husted responded the government will discuss its options, including the possibility of allowing online license renewals, during the coming week.

In the meantime, a BMV spokesperson in Columbus told us:

  • Police in Ohio will not ticket you for an expired license (but be careful driving to far away states).
  • The TSA will still allow you to fly in the US.
  • It is up to individual banks, rental car firms, and employers to decide if they will accept an expired license.

Marshasta Roley said many will not.

"Governor DeWine, I would like to say these offices need to be open because people's jobs are on the line," she said.

Some good news: Truckers can still renew their CDLs, and all drivers can renew their plates online at the BMV website.


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