Nostalgia Wine & Jazz Lounge opening in Over-the-Rhine in July

Tammie Scott is being the change she wants to see
Posted at 5:57 PM, Jun 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-19 18:29:53-04

CINCINNATI — A local woman is hoping you will travel back in time with her next month when she opens a new wine and jazz lounge in Over-the-Rhine.

Tammie Scott is being the change she wants to see in Cincinnati.

“I’ve always felt like rather than complaining about what doesn’t exist you should try to create it,” Scott said.

Scott has been working around the clock to open Nostalgia Wine & Jazz Lounge.

“After spending seven years in D.C. I really fell in love with the intimate live music spaces that I would spend a lot of my time working out of there,” Scott said.

Scott’s place is on Vine and 15th and, like the name, the space will give you a vibe from way back when.

“The concept really came from me spending time with my grandmother and her really telling me how they used to back in the 30s and 40s they would go out to the Cotton Club and listen to jazz music and have a good time.”

This new-aged Cotton Club experience will begin when Nostalgia opens next month featuring four nights a week of live jazz and soul music and special curation of wines.

“We have a little over 30 wines. Eight of them will actually be on tap,” Scott said. “We made it a point to really feature women wine makers and wine brand owners and also with the spirits list, women and minorities as well.”

It was an intentional inclusion Scott says will really give meaning to what Nostalgia stands for.

“It will really be a unique experience and hopefully we’ll be able to introduce people to wine who maybe haven’t had it before or who may have been intimidated by the wine tasting experience.”

FIND more information about Nostalgia Wine & Jazz Lounge on the company's website.