No street dining at the Banks... yet

The Banks in 2018.
Posted at 6:27 AM, May 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-15 06:27:08-04

CINCINNATI — While some Over-the-Rhine restaurants are reopening with street dining today, restaurants at the Banks won't be given any additional street real-estate just yet.

Tracy Schwegmann, spokeswoman for the Banks, said they want to do things as safely as possible when it comes to reopening restaurants, and that means coming up with a solid plan for street dining. She also said the weather this weekend will probably keep people from eating outside anyway.

"We are forecasted for some storms," Schwegmann said. "So we felt that the risk of iffy weather combined with wanting to have a firm and solid plan... it's probably best to certainly not do it this weekend, but continue to work toward implementing a plan in a few weeks down the road."

Banks officials are looking into a program called "Street Seats" which would close part of Freedom Way to allow for additional seating. which would be closely regulated. The plan will also likely keep the sidewalks open to allow for foot traffic.

There is no date for when the Street Seats program will go into place.

Restaurants at the Banks are allowed to have people on their patios for now and there are still plenty of carryout options available.