Local candy shops still working hard to help satisfy Cincy's sweet tooth

Posted at 9:28 PM, Apr 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-11 23:33:08-04

As COVID-19 disrupts holidays, long-standing traditions and family gatherings, local candy shops have worked hard to continue to satisfy Greater Cincinnati's sweet tooth through Easter and beyond.

Doscher's Candy Company in Newtown is pretty quiet these days, since the pandemic forced the factory to shut down in-person operations.

"Most of our workers were furloughed, we have a skeleton crew right now making the slurry for our internet orders" said Greg Clark, vice president of sales for the company. "So we do have a bit coming in."

The candy company, famous for its french chews and candy buttons, are working to fill online orders, particularly Easter basket orders made for the holiday weekend. But while things are certainly not the same at the candy factory, Clark said Doscher's is grateful for the online orders.

"We are shipping 20 times more than we ever have at Easter," he said.

Over in Bellevue, Kentucky, Schneider's Sweet Shop has remained open. Owner and candy maker Jack Schneider said although Easter sales were down overall, the shop sold plenty of baskets a lot more ice cream.

"They want to get their ice cream, they want to get their Easter," said Schneider. " They want to have something normal."

Fawn Candy in Western Hills is working to churn out orders as well; They aren't allowing customers inside the building anymore, but it's been relying on curbside pick-up and online orders.

"We sent out 96 orders yesterday through FEDE," said Tricia Rayburn, with Fawn Candy. "To everywhere in the United States. Hawaii, California, everywhere."

Rayburn said, fortunately for Fawn Candy, the company started to put specialty items on the internet and the online sales have kept them busy.

"The cute little things that we do that are not available anywhere else," said Rayburn. "They are happy to see them on the site."

The company began preparing for Easter last fall, and had to quickly brainstorm as COVID-19 shutdowns began to roll out. Rayburn said they never imagined the response for their candy shop would be so great.