Buff City Soap brings custom experience to Florence shoppers

Buff City Soap in Florence promises a customizable soap experience with handmade laundry soap, body oils, bath bombs, bath truffles and more.
Posted at 12:32 PM, May 28, 2021

FLORENCE, Ky. — A new business in Florence is promising to give you the DIY experience making soap and other bath products.

When you walk into Buff City Soap on Mall Road, the pleasantly clean smell hits you instantly. Laundry soap, body oils, bath bombs and bath truffles abound -- and it’s all made by hand.

“All of our products are plant-based, and it is all made in the store daily so you can see everything that is going into the product,” said Florence franchise owner Danielle Hamilton.

In protective gear, the team carefully mixes all of the ingredients, scent, color and sparkle.

Buff City Soap
Handmade laundry soap, body oils, bath bombs and bath truffles abound at Buff City Soap in Florence, Kentucky.

“The soaps are fully customizable, so you can pick something unscented or you can add scent or products,” Hamilton said. “So, for example, we could add poppy seeds or loofah. Turmeric is also popular as an anti-inflammatory.”

Hamilton said Buff City has been in the health and wellness space for more than 25 years, and their location in Florence is Kentucky's first.

“I’m actually a registered nurse by profession, and I entered into the business side of things about 12 years ago,” Hamilton said.

Their soap is made with natural products, eliminating the negative effects on the environment compared to other products, Hamilton said.

"When you remove all of the harsh chemicals in detergent, not only is the product good for you its good for the environment," she said.

She's excited to bring opportunities and something fun for families to Florence.

For more information about Buff City Soap, click here.